We are at your disposal to give you any required information about the Oldarki beers and their wide range of advertising items for specific events or festivals.

Beer of the Months
We can also suggest you to discover two formulaes“beer of the month ”for pubs, bars, music bars.The first formula proposes the Patxaran-based Oldarki in a typical basque atmosphere; the second one asociates the Patxaran-based Oldarki with a caramel syrup giving it an original sugared flavour particularly appreciated by our female customers.
We can set out pumps for the first formula as well as for the second one and specific advertising sets are available in association with the cordial brand Teisseire.
You are warmly recommended to discover the fabulous recipes thought up by the Chef Scott Serrato, eah one conceived with our so distinctive Oldarki.
Our draught beers are commercialized in 20 litres barrels to optimize the rotation and the quality of our products.
The Oldarki breweries can put at your disposal refreshment bar stalls and refreshment bar tows for your important outdoor events.

The Oldarki breweries are providing advice services and assistance to set out installations in the process of your business acquisition.

Oldarki Breweries
Manager: Jean-Philippe Heïd
Representative: Max Merilla
Head Office : Z.A Lanzelaï 64310 Ascain
Administrative Headquarters: 12 avenue des Frères - Montgolfier 64140 Lons
Tel : 05 59 13 81 00
E-mail : contact@oldarki.fr
Company registration number: 421 784 034 00025
Intra-community VAT: FR 15421784034

Oldarki au Patxaran Barrels Bottles
Packaging 20 litres
6 barrels by palett
33 cl glass with box of 24 (losse goods)
Paletts 80 x 120 80 x 120
Lorry loading By unit 4 paletts which makes 24 barrels By palett of 45 cartons
Flow type RSGSQF (head plate)  
Alcohol proof

Oldarki Extra-Pâle Barrels
rr 20 litres
6 barrels by palett
Paletts 80 x 120
Lorry loading By unit 4 paletts which makes 24 barrels
Flow type MF-GB
Alcohol proof 5,8°

Oldarki Breweries
EMail: contact@oldarki.fr

© 2007 Brasserie Oldarki


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