Oldarki, and proud to be Basque
In the early 20 th century, the Pays Basque counted several breweries spread from Biarritz to Bayonne. Today, all of them have disappeared under the pression of modernity and the massive production of the North and East French brewers as a response to the important consumption of workers and miners.

Jean-François Blamont has luckily rediscovered the Basque beer manufacture’s forgotten story. Not only has he got a passion for beers.but also for his native land: the Pays Basque and a mere idea has come through his mind: revive the brewery tradition in his region.

In 1997, as a sales manager in the field of beers, he finalizes his own recipe Patxaran –based: Patxaran is a typical Basque alcohol in which wild sloes have steeped.The result is a smooth amber-coloured beer, wih an acidulous taste and a predominant red note.

Its name Oldarki means “moving with momentum”in the Basque language and it really doens’t lack momentum! Jean-François Blamont has set out a partnership with a brewer Jean-Philippe Heïd, a beverage sales manager, whose family has been brewers from father to son.

Through their association, an Oldarki lager has come to birth: The Extra-Pale Oldarki which displays a resolute character as the Pays Basque does. Its colour is the lager’s, its 5 to 8 ° and its refreshing taste of hop have led it to be the ideal beer for Bodegas, and it gets along well with the culinary art of cooking in the South-West part of France.

Festayres or simply lovers from all over the world, be careful: “The Oldarki beers will drive you completly Basques”.
The Pays Basque liquer melts with Oldarki.

The first Oldarki beer has been created from Patxaran, a typical Basque alcohol: this liquer is a result of steeping wild sloes in an aniseed-flavoured alcohol.

Patxaran used to be fashionable in the 19 th century in Navarre. This scented after-dinner drink owed its success to young men enlisted for national service, even beyond the Basque frontier. They had it tasted by their numerous fellow soldiers.

Today, Patxaran gives its acidulous and amber colour to the Oldarki beer. It also blends with the Basque cooking, and may be used as an ingredient in some recipes.



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