Name : The Patxaran-based Oldarki

It is not a red, nor a white, not even a brown ale or a is a regional 6° beer, reckoned to be a speciality, with its amber colour and its red to orange tones.

It combines the know-how of the Nothern French brewers with the Patxaran flavour. And as a resut, it doens’t look like any other beer, exactly as the Pays Basque which is also unique.

Recipe: It is a very specific beverage and can’t be compared to any other beer; the Patxaran-based recipe is exclusive.
Gustative particularities:

Its taste is unique, slightly and delicately aniseed.

The bitterness of hop is smoothered by the subtle Paxtaran flavour.
Tasting advice: Its smoothness and roundness harmonize with the Basque food, such as the ewe’s milk cheese, or chilli-based spicy dish .
Packaging: Draught or in 33cl bottles.

Nom : Oldarki extra pâle

“ A nobel and generous lager”

It is a noble and tasty lager brewed in Spain, with pale malt and its colour is lighter than the other classical lagers. Although, it is only a 5.8°, it offers a smooth aroma and a delicate but dense head.
Recipe: Thanks to the right amount of hop and malt , it stands out from the other lagers. This authentic recipe is sublimated by a unique brewery technique which enables Oldarki to be so generous.
Gustative particularities: It is elaborated with a slightly more important quantity of hop than the other ordinary lagers; its taste is subtle and has got a very weak bitterness.
Tasting advice: This very refreshing beer makes it the ideal beverage for summer festtivals or Bodegas; adding a mere slice of lemon will magnify its flavour.
Packaging: Draught.

Oldarki Breweries

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